Monday, February 20, 2012

Okay, no more last minute updates..

So this time, 
I'm gonna announce Avant La Mode's next event ahead of time!
More time for all you babes to plan your weekend, no? 

It's gonna be a packed weekend!

On Friday, 24th Feb 2012
ALM will be at Pekan Frinjan Edisi 27

Get your shot of fashion, art & activism all in one event!
Oh, and did I mention that this will be 
Najwa Latif's final free gig before she goes on a hiatus for SPM?
So to all her fans, BE THERE!

The weekend will be the highlight of the month!

this Saturday & Sunday (25 & 26th Feb 2012)
at the hot spot, Sunway Giza.

There's a few great reasons why you NEED to go to this event.

1. It's for CHARITY. There's nothing better than helping kids in need by shopping!
2. It's an official event by NuYou! 
If you've never been to an editor's sale, you have no idea what you've missed!
Branded items reviewed on the Magazine on sale for the fraction of the cost!
3. The event will be filled with all your favorite & popular online shops! 
This is a gathering of the best of the best! 

This is THE fashion event of the month. 
See you there, babes!

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