Sunday, February 26, 2012

Calling all fashionistas with a heart of gold!
Avant La Mode will be at KL Bazaar: Shop for CHARITY!
Don't forget to drop by this Sunday, 26 Feb 2012 
to shop AND help children in need!
Now THAT's what I call killing two birds with one stone!

Here's all the details you need:
ALM's booth is at the end of the line of booths opposite Nando's on Sunday!

And to show you how awesome the first day was, 
here's a sneak peek!

Don't miss ALM's new items fresh from Europe!
So drop by to get first dibs!

even went a step further by matching the accessories you can use with bags & outfits!
See how whacky we can get by dropping by our booth!

Just in case you babes don't already know, 
this is us!
So if you see us, come and say hi!
Grab a drink with us and hang out!
I absolutely love meeting all of ALM's supporters!

See you there!
Reina Lum 
of ALM

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