Saturday, December 25, 2010


Essences for wellbeing.
The benefits of Aromachologie have taught us an important lesson: plants have tremendous powers. With a selection of the noblest essentials oils for your well-being, L’OCCITANE invites you to explore a garden of a thousand virtues. Revitalise, purify and relax your senses.

This travel set is perfect for jet-setters or for those of you who simply wants a special bath set for those looong days.

L'Occitane "Aromachologie" Travel set includes:
1) Lait Corporel Body Lotion (35ml)
2) Gel Douche Shower Gel (35ml)
3) Apres-Shampooing Conditioner (35ml)
4) Shampooing Shampoo (35ml)

The whole set for RM 60  RM30

*3 sets sold*
*2 sets left* 
*All Reserved*

(For more information of to simply see what a great deal this is, browse L'Occitane's official website.)

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